Boden Business Park


Say hello to our trainees!

Alvina Pettersson is studying to become a business developer for the hospitality industry at the YH Academy and Albin Westerberg is studying Master of Science in Natural Resources Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. During the spring, they do an internship with us at Boden Business Park.

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Boden Game Changer – boost for a growing games industry

Boden doesn’t just grow the smart and green. The unique Boden Game Camp ecosystem attracts students and game companies from around the world to a growing industry, locally and globally. Their annual gaming conference Boden Game Changer was recently held. and the result was a success.

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Welcome, Markbygden Net!

Markbygden Net believes in local presence and the electricity-intensive industries in the Boden/Lulu area therefore attracted the electricity network company to Boden Business Park. The company is a new tenant in our coworking space at the top of Verkstan.

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Kvinna med långt blont hår och glasögon står i svart kostym och vit skjorta vid ett räcke inomhus.
Say hello to our new business developer!

Last week, Linnea Söderström joined us as a business developer. She is the tenants’ closest contact and will work to make Boden Business Park a vibrant meeting place for tenants, students and visitors.

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Hanna Muller
Increased number of women in a growing games industry

The Swedish gaming industry continues to grow and break new records in turnover. This is the result of the Game Developers’ Index published by the Computer Games Industry. This year’s statistics also show that the number of women is increasing – 44% of new entrants to the gaming industry are women.

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Sparrowland 2
Welcome, Sparrowland!

The proximity to some of Sweden’s best gaming education programs made Sparrowland choose to establish itself at Boden Business Park. The game studio is now one of around 70 companies with us.

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Kiwa 2
Welcome, Kiwa!

Local presence is central to Kiwa’s business and the company sees opportunities to benefit from the region’s workforce by establishing itself at Boden Business Park. Kiwa is now one of the tenants in our coworking space.

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Erik Lindahl House of How
Minecraft Legends production at game studio in Boden

The game studio House of How in Boden, with the help of trainees from Boden Game Camp, has been working on parts of the development in the the game Minecraft Legends. It is the action strategy spinoff of Minecraft, one of the world’s best-selling games.

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