Boden Business Park


Hanna Muller
Increased number of women in a growing games industry

The Swedish gaming industry continues to grow and break new records in turnover. This is the result of the Game Developers’ Index published by the Computer Games Industry. This year’s statistics also show that the number of women is increasing – 44% of new entrants to the gaming industry are women.

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New company in Boden invests in sports club

Boden has welcomed a new company that prioritizes sustainability and thinks differently to benefit the community associations. On Friday, they hosted the business breakfast and issued a call to action to the municipality’s entrepreneurs.

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Utbildning vardskap
Hospitality training – multiple languages at work

Workplaces are increasingly multilingual as a result of globalization and migration. Learning a new language and culture takes time and misunderstandings can occur. Learning how to help colleagues who are not native speakers of Swedish reduces the risk of linguistic and cultural misunderstandings.

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A structured green community building is emerging

“We are in the midst of a green transition that is historic. We look outwards and attract companies from all over the world. We are building a society that is sustainable both ecologically and socially, with sustainable living environments where people can thrive and develop.”

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