Boden Business Park


Our mission

Boden Business Park creates the conditions for the business community to grow so that the municipality of Boden achieves its growth targets.

It does this by attracting talent and companies that want to grow, supporting business by offering skills development and innovation promotion activities, and by attracting national and international investors.

The work is carried out in close cooperation between the municipality, industry, authorities and organisations.

The municipality of Boden has identified five main areas for social and business development in the strategic plan. The development areas have been identified based on the development potential they possess, in relation to the unique offerings available in the municipality of Boden:

  • Cultural and creative industries
  • Elintensive industry
  • Environmental Technology
  • Tourism and trade
  • Equine nutrition


Boden Business Park is an associate member of the national trade association Swedish Incubators and Science Parks, SISP.

SISP is a Swedish innovation network consisting of incubators and science parks. Together, there are over 60 members, linked to over 5,000 companies.

SISP members want to contribute to innovation, business renewal and stimulate growth. SISP is open to regional as well as national and international networks.

Read more on the SISP website.

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