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Encouraging figures for Boden’s tourism industry

In Boden, there is great optimism and a strong belief in the future. It is noticeable. In several contexts. SCB’s preliminary guest night statistics have been released and show a continued increase in the number of guest nights in the municipality of Boden. In Norrbotten we are in a shared second place with +10%. Increase from 164 117 to 177 680 in number.

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Welcome, Markbygden Net!

Markbygden Net believes in local presence and the electricity-intensive industries in the Boden/Lulu area therefore attracted the electricity network company to Boden Business Park. The company is a new tenant in our coworking space at the top of Verkstan.

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fyra kvinnor, två
One million to support the development of cultural industries in Norrbotten

How can we improve the conditions for running businesses in cultural and creative industries in the region? The cultural association Ebeneser, as project owner, together with Boden Business Park, Piteå Science Park and Luleå Business Region want to find out. The joint initiative, North Creative Nodes, has received project funding of SEK 1 million to conduct an implementation study.

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Thank you for being an entrepreneur in the municipality of Boden

A letter is currently being sent to all entrepreneurs in the municipality of Boden. From Boden Business Park and Boden Municipality, we would like to thank you for contributing to a vibrant and developing municipality. You, the entrepreneurs, are the foundation of our economy and society’s welfare.

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