Boden Business Park



Boden’s current development journey began in 2010 with an inventory that revealed both needs and great opportunities for a shift towards the digital industry.

Resources in the form of electric power and real estate, combined with environmental technology expertise and innovation, have developed a new industrial journey for Boden. Through the start-up of Boden Business Park and international establishments in data centres, competence and innovative power have been attracted, which has laid the foundation for training in game development, the establishment of international game studios and companies in other industries. It has also laid the foundations for an exciting meeting place where meetings take place both at the conference, at the lunch table as well as during the coffee break.

As a result of the reorganization of Boden municipality’s management structure, the business strategists moved from the municipal management administration to the Boden Business Park in January 2021. It was a strategic gathering of forces where synergies and new opportunities were seen in the continued development work with Boden’s business community.

Here, business issues are at the center in a resource-rich and exciting environment where talent and strong ideas can take their place. We are in the midst of a historic social transformation and a green industrial revolution that has made Boden an expected growth center.

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