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Welcome, Tailorbird!

Tailorbird helps companies build future-proof brands and products. Tailorbird brings companies that need guidance and knowledge on how to work strategically with sustainability and branding for their business. The result of an intervention can be a clarified offer, increased attractiveness, a stronger customer experience and a reduced carbon footprint. Positive effects that are often interconnected.

Why did you choose to establish your business in Boden Business Park?
We help companies that see sustainability challenges as an opportunity to transform their businesses. They have a chance to be the big winners of the future. Boden Business Park is an important hub in the green transition and we believe that the great interest we see from companies in Boden to get help in these issues will increase. Big changes are happening and we want to be close to the customers who will need our strategic help.

What are you up to?
Since the first of November, we have our sustainability strategist Moa Mellberg in place. Together, we will now be even better able to help businesses with their challenges. In addition, we help a company in the mining industry to package its offer to investors and set the strategy for a gaming company from Boden to launch its product on the world market. There are many exciting things happening now and we hope that more companies in Boden are ready to future-proof their operations,” says Niklas Berg, business developer at Tailorbird.


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