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What personal data we collect

We receive personal data mainly by e-mail and via forms in connection with registrations for events and gatherings, requests for interest in rental opportunities for premises and when ordering newsletters. Telephone number, email address, address and name are personal data that you may be asked to provide. The collection of cookies is something that we have on the website. Read more about cookies here.

What do we use your personal data for?

The data you provide to us is mainly used to answer questions and requests from you, to enable bookings, purchases and delivery of tickets. Personal data is used to identify you, deliver services, process payments,

Data is also used to enable the administration of competitions, offer membership benefits, promotions, bookings, surveys and other types of marketing such as newsletters.

Data may also be used to improve our website and enable a more positive, personalised and customised experience. And to enable targeted information and/or offers.

Do we disclose your information to outside parties?

Boden Business Park does not transfer, exchange or sell your information to third parties collected through Boden Business Park unless it is necessary for the specific action you request. Trusted third parties who help run our website have access to certain personal data and have also signed data protection agreements with us about how your personal data will be protected.

Sörbyn Turism & Konferens is responsible for personal data related to hotel bookings via the website.

If we consider it necessary for us to disclose your personal data in order to comply with the law, we may disclose personal information to public authorities, such as the Police or the Tax Agency.

Personal data that is not personally identifiable may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising or other uses.

How we protect your information

Every page on this website is protected via SSL technology using strong Crypto SSL certificates and highly protected web servers.

To maintain security, a series of security measures are implemented when you submit personal information via the website. Specific procedures are in place to deal with this.

The data you provide to us will be kept for the time deemed appropriate for the specific action. The starting point for all work concerning personal data is the deletion of personal information as soon as the information is not necessary for the performance of the requested task. Personal data that we process for the purpose of fulfilling contracts and legal obligations towards you, such as fulfilling warranty, complaint or withdrawal obligations, are processed for as long as necessary for us to administer the customer relationship and fulfil our obligations and legal obligations towards you

You always have the right to request modification or deletion of your data. Contact us at info@bodenbusinesspark.se to make a request.

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