Boden Business Park


Welcome, Ragn-Sells!

Ragn-Sells Recycling, part of the Ragn-Sells Group, is one of Sweden’s leading recycling and environmental competence companies. We work to collect and recycle waste and then ensure that the recycled materials are put to good use again. We offer innovative and efficient solutions to minimise, manage and transform waste into resources. We want to be living proof that caring for the earth and good business go hand in hand,” says Elias Engström, Regional Manager at Ragn-Sells Recycling.

Why did you choose to establish your business in Boden Business Park?

With everything that is happening in Norrbotten, we feel that we want to be at the centre of things. We see Boden Business Park as the obvious choice. The train has already left the platform so it’s time to hold on!

What are you up to?

There is a lot going on in the waste industry right now and we are constantly finding new circular flows to work with and growing organically as things stand. The new establishments will bring with them new waste streams where we want to be involved in finding and contributing with good and sustainable solutions.


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