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Welcome, Kiwa!

Local presence is central to Kiwa’s business and the company sees opportunities to benefit from the region’s workforce by establishing itself at Boden Business Park. Kiwa is now one of the tenants in our coworking space.

Kiwa is a constantly evolving company – both geographically and in terms of developing services. The latest initiative is to establish a presence in Boden. För ett par år sedan etablerade sig företaget i Gällivare. Kiwa is now in place with offices in 28 locations in Sweden from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south.

Why did you choose to establish your business in Boden Business Park?

– We have chosen Boden because local presence is central to our business. Kiwa is Sweden’s largest TIC company (Test, Inspection & Certification) where safety and sustainability are two central components and something that is very important in the large projects that are underway in northern Sweden. We also have many customers in the north, which makes it appropriate to be present on site to provide them with fast and efficient service, says Per Östlund, Key Account Manager and continues:

– Furthermore, we strive to be an attractive employer and establishing ourselves at Boden Business Park allows us to benefit from the skilled workforce in the region.

What are you up to?

– Many things, but to name a few, we are developing new technologies to detect damage to infrastructure such as concrete using drones and AI alongside traditional techniques. This allows our customers to get a better condition report on their facilities.

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