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Welcome, 4Sign and Lule Grafiska!

Boden Business Park is growing and there is great interest in Space & Place coworking. 4Sign and Lule Grafiska are new tenants.

4Sign is Sweden’s only nationwide specialist chain in profiling that can offer a complete product range, which includes products in areas such as signs, vehicle decoration, profile and trade fair. 4Sign shares its coworking space with Lule Grafiska, which is Norrbotten’s only Nordic Ecolabelled printing company. The company produces printed paper products such as newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, packaging and business printing.

Why did you choose to establish your business in Boden Business Park?

– We have a strong belief in the growth of Boden as a market and need to be present. Everything that is presented and done in Boden is presented here. A first step, this is a natural path. Need a shop window, says Johan Lindqvist, owner of 4Sign Luleå.

– We are establishing ourselves at Boden Business Park to get closer to our customers and partners in Boden,” says Niclas Fredriksson, sales representative at Lule grafiska.

What are you up to?

– Seven of the chain’s member companies merge to form a single group within the 4Sign chain. This will make the group one of the largest players in the industry in Sweden, with a turnover of SEK 100 million,” says Johan Lindqvist.

– We are currently installing a new machine for gluing books,” says Niclas Fredriksson.


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