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Take advantage of innovation cheques for your company

Now is the chance for you who run a limited company or an economic association in the innovation phase to apply for innovation checks up to SEK 100,000 linked to business development to realize your idea.

Vinnova initiated the checks to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation capacity of SMEs.

Boden Business Park provides business development vouchers that allow companies to determine the potential of an innovation idea. This may include, for example, investigating and validating customer demand, market size, business model and other commercial uncertainties.

It can also be about business renewal, such as testing new materials in existing products that have a lower climate impact and thus contribute to achieving the goals of Agenda 2030 or developing a circular business model. The business development voucher should be used to purchase external knowledge from research institutes, universities, colleges or private actors.

Contributing to gender equality in society

Företaget ska befinna sig i en innovationsfas eller är på väg att inleda en innovationsfas med hjälp av checken. The company must also be able to demonstrate that it contributes to equal social development and the check project must include activities that drive sustainability and link to the 2030 Agenda.

The checks are aimed at both start-ups and existing companies (with a requirement from Vinnova that the company has been in existence for at least five years and has at least five employees).

Contact business developer Michaela Strömberg or Hanna Müller for more information about the business development checks and the application process.

Here you will find contact information for our business developers!


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