Boden Business Park

Nils Lindh

“Opportunity for local and regional business”

Boden is identified as a green hydrogen hub of the future. Work is now underway to take advantage of the development opportunities this brings.

Hydrogen has proven to be useful in several areas. From the possibility of storing energy to using it in industrial production. If the hydrogen is also produced using renewable energy, the process can be completely free of carbon dioxide emissions.

This is one of the reasons why H2 Green Steel is planning to build the world’s largest green hydrogen plant in Boden. This, together with the city’s geographical location, makes Boden a hub in the network of hydrogen pipelines that is planned to be built. (See link)

This means completely new development opportunities in an area that is relatively unknown in these latitudes.

– Given that the use of hydrogen is expected to increase in the transport sector and industrial processes, there are good opportunities for the local and regional business community to take a position if we are on our toes, says Nils Lindh, Business Developer at Boden Business Agency.

Hydrogen event in Boden

Work has already begun to see what opportunities exist for existing businesses and what potential establishments could benefit development.

Therefore, the municipality of Boden, together with Boden Business Park, will organise an event on 9 February on the theme of green hydrogen and the opportunities it brings.

– This could be the great commodity and enabler of the future. If the trend continues in the direction that many predict, this will not only affect the large industries. Small and medium-sized enterprises in Boden will also have a head start if they are ready to make the transition. That’s why I hope many people will take the opportunity to come here and listen to some of the region’s best in the field of hydrogen.


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