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Nyföretagarcentrum Nord opens in Boden

Since 2015, Nyföretagarcentrum Nord has been working in Norrbotten to support and inspire people who want to start their own business. The organisation is now establishing its operations in Boden.

Nyföretagarcentrum Nord offers new entrepreneurs knowledge and tools to get a good start and develop their business. This is done through free advice and training in business planning, financing, communication, insurance, contracts, sales, finance and more. The initiative in Boden is being carried out in close cooperation with the municipality of Boden and Boden Business Park.

Frida Ekeström is Nyföretagarcentrum Nord’s business advisor in Boden and has her office at Boden Business Park and in central Boden.

– It will be really fun and exciting to be part of the development of Boden and I look forward to working with all the future entrepreneurs and partners in Boden.

Michaela Strömberg is a business developer at Boden Business Park with a focus on business development.

– We look forward to continuing the work of providing advice, training and support to new businesses in Boden together with Nyföretagarcentrum Nord. The development of new businesses is very important for a strong and growing economy, where we also encounter completely new business ideas in line with the societal transition,” she says.

The New Business Centre North is a collaborative initiative between municipalities with the support of the business community in the north. The organisation also supports the new entrepreneur through mentoring and business networking.

Here you can find contact information for Frida Ekeström!


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