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Hanna Sundling

New opportunities for the future attract students to Boden

For many years, young talents from the North have been moving to where the jobs are. This is where future opportunities are increasing and where the migration is taking place. One of several civil engineering students who have been offered a job at H2 Green Steel this summer is Hanna Sundling, who returns to Boden with new eyes on her childhood town.

“I grew up in the small town of Boden where everyone knows everyone. Now I think it’s great that so much is happening here and the job opportunities are expanding,” she says.

She is studying the last year of a five-year Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management at Luleå University of Technology. There were no known plans for a large green steel plant in Boden at the time of the study. Today, she and a colleague staff the company’s meeting place in central Boden throughout the summer, answering questions and providing information about the gigantic initiative that was the accelerator for the entire ongoing societal transition.

The meeting place is located in the Enter Galleria with an entrance from Gågatan in central Boden and is open all year round. This summer with extended opening hours every weekday from 10-17. Interest is generally high from visitors who want to know everything from status updates to job opportunities.

“It’s great that people are interested. Some days we have had around 30 visitors. In parallel with receiving visitors here, I am working on my project to purchase materials and equipment for the facility in Boden,” says Hanna.

Three trainees are employed in Boden and a few more in the Stockholm office this summer.

Looking ahead, Hanna and her fellow students have good job prospects. Among her friends, she notices a change in attitude towards staying or moving home.

“I also hear that even those who have no connection to this country but are studying here can consider staying. Job opportunities matter, of course, but so does society as a whole. I have a passionate heart for Norrbotten and have chosen to stay here to study. I would definitely consider staying for work in the future.”

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