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Investing in business development in Unbyn

Boden municipality is investing even more in business development in rural areas, and Lina Vesterberg is the new business developer in the Unbyn area.
“It feels like a fun challenge, it’s a service that didn’t exist before,” she says.

Lina Vesterberg has worked at the service point in Unbyn/Avan since August 2021 and started as a generalist in a half-time position. Now she also works as responsible for the Avan area where she has contact with Luleå municipality in matters relating to the service point and since June 2023 as a business developer on behalf of the municipality of Boden in the Unbyn area at 25 percent.

Her own background as an entrepreneur is something she brings to her new role.

“I know how it is and have been on that journey for five years.”

Lina Vesterberg took up the position in early June and is still working on the structure. She wants to find entrepreneurs who want to be involved in influencing how to work in the area.

“Want to harness the power”

One of the biggest challenges of her job as a business developer, she says, is getting started and getting businesses to take advantage of the help and support that will be offered.

“I think most people out here are used to being self-sufficient, and with a shorter distance to help, perhaps the service can be put to good use.”

“A lot is happening in Boden, and I feel that I want to take advantage of that power and get entrepreneurs in the area to develop and work together to strengthen the business climate.”

Activities are already planned for the fall. On September 22, there will be a business breakfast at Bjässparken farm and in October there will be a procurement school.

What are you most looking forward to about your new job?

“Working with people and listening to their stories and needs.”

Want to get in touch with Lina?
073-093 72 63


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