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Innovation competition settled

Boden Business Park has announced an innovation competition among the students at Björknäsgymnasiet in Boden this autumn. The task was to create inspiring outdoor environments with the keywords sustainability and flexibility. Places where people want to meet, socialise and work outdoors in the summer, similar to the meeting places already created indoors.

Among the more than 30 entries, six groups had been invited to the final at Parken to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges.

-“It’s amazing what talented students we have in Boden and how confident they are in their presentation skills! says Anna-Karin Andersson, Give Competence, who was on the jury. Anna-Karin was the construction project manager for the Workshop, which is the new building on the site and opened in February 2020.

Camilla Sandström from a och d arkitektkontor read out the motivation for the first prize and Tomas Sundström, IT Norrbotten, presented the diploma.

“Very good focus on including Boden Business Park’s existing activities in its proposal. Emphasises the importance of community between different ages and sustainability. The group demonstrates an understanding of the importance of culture in creating a society where people want to work and study as well as live.

The winning group consisted of Maja Wuopio, Filippa Suorra, Kasper Enbom and Marcus Bergenstråhle from year 1 of the Social Sciences programme.

Teacher Helena Carolin cheered loudly -Wow, what fun! It’s so important that the students get to work with real cases and it’s such good practice to pitch and meet a jury for the upcoming UF period.

Susanne Hedlund Nilsson, the programme coordinator at the technology programme, who did not attend the morning session herself but who has worked hard with her students, also thinks it was a superb innovation competition. -“I really must thank Boden Business Park for the initiative it has taken with this competition. The students have had a lot of fun and here at Technology we are linking courses to the project. I really highlight it as a very fine example of good collaboration with the business community in Boden.

-“Collaboration with the school is a very important part of the municipality’s business development and to conduct an innovation competition with Björknäsgymnasiet regarding the outdoor environment at Boden Business Park felt like a “perfect match” says Michaela Strömberg, Business Developer Boden Business Park.

The jury consisted of Anna-Karin Andersson Give Competence, Camilla Sandström a och d arkitektkontor, Tomas Sundström IT Norrbotten and Michaela Strömberg Boden Business Park.

The finalists from Björknäsgymnasiet were:

Maja Wuopio, Filippa Suorra, Kasper Enbom, Marcus Bergenstråhle, Isak Gräsvik Matti, Clara Sundqvist, Ellen Bergström Saulo, Emma Löfgren, Linn Ek, August Brännmark, Linnea Nordin, Klara Selberg, Johanna Önnbo, Jonatan Hannu, Mandelina Dalsfelt, Walter Hansson, Stina Andersson, Elin Pettersson and Kevin Sammeli.


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