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Helping future game developers launch their careers

High school students introduced to the world of games in new creative programme

Today Boden Business Park and Boden Game Camp Incubator announced that they will start an introductory programme for those interested in working with games in the future.

The introduction consists of mini training sessions organised on weekends or during holidays, among other things, and will start by teaching how to use certain programs in order to start creating.

“Many people may perceive the use of creative software as an overwhelming threshold to cross and we hope to help as many as we can through the door. Once you know the basics of the tools used, it becomes much easier to play around with your own projects.” says Mattias Bergqvist, business developer Boden Business Park.

The training courses that will be organised for the schools will all have teachers with specialist knowledge in both the programmes that will be used and also be active in the gaming industry. This means that in addition to the knowledge acquired during the training, students will also be able to get answers to any industry-related questions.

The Swedish gaming industry continues to grow and Boden Business Park’s ambition is to make it easier for future developers to get a foothold. Even those who don’t dream of becoming game developers are welcome, as the programs are often used by other industries and if you have a basic knowledge, it is easier to use other programs.

The first mini courses will start in March 2022 and the format will be adjusted along the way. The foundations are in place but the project is alive and will be adapted to the individuals and their needs. Boden Business Park will also do follow-ups for those who have completed the courses and then offer more advanced training for those who have gotten a raw deal.

In addition to helping young people to create in their free time, it is also a good platform for them to apply for the vocational training courses offered by Boden Business Park.

All this is made possible with the help of our partners Sparbanken Nord, Region Norrbotten and Längmanska Företagarfonden.


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