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Good hospitality and high international maturity

High international maturity and good hospitality are characteristics that have been attributed to the international rural destinations of the municipality of Boden. Their welcoming model was highlighted at the Tourism Day and is an important factor in the ongoing societal transformation.

The rural model of creating opportunities and welcoming new residents with a genuine hospitality that is natural in many small villages, was the basis for the dialog at this year’s tourism day in the municipality of Boden. During the day, good hospitality was highlighted as a prerequisite throughout our growing municipality and the county’s new industrialization.

“It is one thing to get people to move here for jobs. But living in Boden and becoming a citizen of Boden are two different things. Hosting starts with you and me,” says Mats Berg, Head of Economic Development in the municipality of Boden.

The key to success was highlighted from different angles, with lectures, business presentations and personal stories on stage. This was interspersed with small group workshops, networking breaks and food cooked outside over the fire.

Annika Fredriksson, CEO of the Swedish Lapland Visitors Board, mentioned, among other things, how the tourism industry and societal transformation have a mutual exchange. That the channels and messages of the hospitality industry reach a large number of recipients to generate interest in the place, while travel in the footsteps of industrialism often extends the visit with experiences outside the industrial fence. This, in turn, makes it easier to convert to more visits and occupancy.

Some recurring ingredients in the hospitality and rural hospitality recipe were:

“Inclusive associative life”

“Shared hospitality”

“Smile and see”

“Wow all the way”

“We will be the party where others want to be”

“Bringing together all the elements of living and living well”

“Heart and soul”

“Building the team”

The moderator was Swedish TV personality Rickard Olsson. The day also included the Arctic Hospitality Leader course, with students from all over Sweden stationed at the site.

The tradition of organizing a recurring inspiration day for the entire industry, local population and relevant organizations and authorities, started in 2021 in Edeforsbygden in the Lule River valley. The baton was passed on this year by Råne älvdal, in a joint arrangement between Boden municipality, Boden Business Park, Råek and BodenTurism.

Find out more about living here at http://www.flyttatillboden.se.