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Encouraging figures for Boden’s tourism industry

In Boden, there is great optimism and a strong belief in the future. It is noticeable. In several contexts. SCB’s preliminary guest night statistics have been released and show a continued increase in the number of guest nights in the municipality of Boden. In Norrbotten we are in a shared second place with +10%. Increase from 164 117 to 177 680 in number.

Boden has a strong attraction and there are many reasons to visit. Visit Boden’s members have worked for many years to promote and sell our Arctic gem to all corners of the world. We have both new and returning guests who visit any of the destination’s facilities.

– The world is in turmoil and the economy is under strain with high interest rates and inflation. The fact that Boden once again increases guest nights and by as much as 10% feels fantastic, says Visit Boden’s chairman Anki Granström.
– We are also well aware that housing is a crowded sector in Boden. We know that a proportion of Boden’s visitors live in one of our neighboring municipalities. This is obviously not good for the industries as a whole. Therefore, we need to work quickly and efficiently on the plans and applications to build more hotels. This would provide positive synergies on a broad scale,” says Granström.

Larger increase in potential residents

The biggest increase in visitors comes from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Asia and the USA. What we note is that Norwegians have decreased and the destination needs to take action on this.

An increase in guest nights also means that we have a wider range of potential residents. As more people visit Boden, the conditions for achieving the municipality’s goal of 33,000 inhabitants by 2030 will also increase. Thus, the tourism industry plays an important and crucial role for more taxpayers.

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