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Business organisations & networks

Meet the right partners for your development. Take advantage of our business developers and their excellent contacts or contact one of Boden’s many local networks to find the right partner for you or your business.

We believe that collaboration is one of the keys to success and therefore we often organise projects between partners to work on and promote innovation. In addition to acting as coordinator, we sometimes partner in certain projects ourselves.

Boden Business Park offers opportunities for unexpected and rewarding meetings. Many skills and companies are housed on the park and a conversation over a cup of coffee is never far away. In addition to the innovation environment and opportunities for fruitful conversations, we also organise events such as
business lunches
lunch meetings

Boden Business Park is part of “Boden Together”. It is a form of cooperation that promotes a vibrant and attractive city centre. The idea is to work together to create better conditions for trade, meeting places and events, and to promote attractive business premises, meeting places and living environments.

The municipality of Boden has a number of local networks for all those active in business. More information about the networks can be found below.

Business By Women is a network for women who manage and run businesses in the municipality of Boden.

The aim of the network is to:

  • Promote gender equality in business and improve the business environment for women and men.
  • Give entrepreneurial women and their industries greater participation and influence in the municipality's business work.
  • Aim to give women entrepreneurs opportunities to develop their businesses, find new markets, exchange experiences and gain access to a wider network in and outside Boden.
  • Use the network as a meeting place to exchange experiences, coach each other, expand contacts with other companies and initiate cross-sectoral activities.
  • Aim to raise awareness among entrepreneurs of the importance of both men and women in business networks.
  • Aim to increase interaction and cooperation for business between women and men.
  • Increase profitability, opportunity for growth, business opportunities.
  • Empowering each entrepreneur by providing opportunities to network and find partners.
  • Helping participants to see the opportunities, to find additional sales, service development and broaden the business and thus increase turnover.
  • Helping participants to see opportunities in joint procurement and thus expanding business opportunities.

Do you have questions? Contact Ann-Louice Lövgren Engström, 070-574 03 68.

Företagarna Boden offers networking, knowledge and practical help for those who run a business or association. They fight for the development of a better business environment, so that entrepreneurs have the right conditions to succeed. No matter how the entrepreneur defines success!

Boden Turism is a member-owned economic association that works to develop the tourism industry in the destination of Boden. Our mission is to make the destination known as an exciting place to visit, close to nature, good food and activities.

Read more about Boden Tourism here!

An ideal association that supports and helps inventors and innovators to achieve their goals.

Read more about Ideakuten here!

Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Michaela Strömberg

Business Developer
business development

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Näringslivsutvecklare företagsutveckling

Michaela Strömberg

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Michaela Strömberg


070-206 63 84


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