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Business climate in Boden remains strong

In the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s annual assessment of the summarized business climate in the country’s municipalities, Boden maintains its leading position in the county. This is in spite of the ongoing societal transition and all the challenges that come with it.

It is through the business community’s own national interest organization, via a survey of entrepreneurs, that the image of Boden as a good municipality for business is further strengthened. For several years, the municipality of Boden has worked strategically to strengthen and develop long-term cooperation with Boden’s entrepreneurs and the local business community. It has also produced strong results and Boden is still in the lead among Norrbotten’s 14 municipalities, followed by Överkalix.

Every year, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise measures more than 30,000 companies’ experiences of running businesses in their municipalities. The responses to the survey provide a picture of how the business environment is perceived by companies. The responses are then combined with five statistical factors to produce a ranking that makes it possible to compare Sweden’s 290 municipalities. The final ranking will be presented later this autumn.

– The pressure is now gradually increasing on us in Boden regarding H2 Green Steel’s establishment. It is therefore extremely gratifying that we still manage to maintain such a high level in our ongoing work linked to our local business community. An attractive and well-functioning business environment is a very important success factor in the ongoing green transition. And we can and will always improve,” says Claes Nordmark, municipal councillor.

– I see the fact that we manage to maintain the same position and NKI value (4.1) as a sign of strength for us as an organization and in our relationship with our local business community. We will build on the trust capital we have created over time and constantly seek to improve it. The next few years will be extremely exciting but also challenging, and we want our local entrepreneurs to be part of this journey,” says Mats Berg, Head of Economic Development.

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Dagens lunch v.6


serveras med rostad pumpasås, riven parmesan och torkad aprikos

serveras med svamp, stekt mangold, riven pecorino, salviasmör och pumpafrön


Grillad kyckling
serveras med tabbouleh och tzatziki

Torgets zucchinibiffar
serveras med tabbouleh och tzatziki


serveras med potatispuré, kantarellsås, lingon och pressgurka

Torgets bönlimpa
serveras med potatispuré, kantarellsås, lingon och pressgurka


Ugnsbakad torsk
serveras med kålrabbi, syrad äggsås och dillslungad fänkål

Nattbakad rotselleri
serveras med kålrabbi, gräslöksaioli och dillslungad fänkål


Butchers steak från Nyhléns
serveras med rostade vinterprimörer, café de paris smör, rödvinssky

Fylld portabella
serveras med rostad palsternacka, rökt aioli, pinjenötter och parmesan

Dagens soppa
Caesarsallad och rostad broccoli och sötpotatissallad
Grillad focaccia

Serveras med salladsbuffé, hembakt bröd och bordsvatten.
Kaffe/te och liten kaka.

Lunch of the day v.49


Italian meatballs served with casarecce, hot tomato sauce and grated parmesan

Palak paneer served with basmati rice, grilled halloumi and tomatoes


Wild boar served with mashed potatoes, raw lingonberries and pressed cucumber

Mushroom cap on chanterelles served with potato puree, raw red lingonberries and pressed cucumber


Asian BBQ on carré served with noodle salad, gochujangmajo and toasted sesame seeds

Marinated Tofu served with noodle salad, gochujangmajo and toasted sesame seeds


Fish rolls on plaice served with roasted potatoes, sour white wine sauce and fennel crudité

Zucchini rolls with artichoke served with roasted potatoes and sour butter sauce


Pepper steak on rump served with potato gratin, pepper sauce and baked tomatoes

Soy & butter fried cauliflower served with grated smoked cheddar, chive aioli and crushed nuts

Soup of the day
Caesar salad and beetroot & chevre salad
Poké bowl
Grilled focaccia

Served with salad buffet, homemade bread and table water.
Coffee/tea and small cake.

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