Boden Business Park

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Building boom at Boden Business Park

A grocery store, a health spa and a hotel complex with entrepreneurial housing. New businesses are now springing up next to Boden Business Park.

Anyone passing through Sävast will have noticed that the landscape around Boden Business Park is changing.

Coop Norrbotten has begun to erect the outer walls of the food store, which is expected to be completed in the summer of 2023, at the exit and entrance to road 97, and a few hundred metres away a new earthwork has begun.

The company building is Polarrenen, a subsidiary of the Polar Bread Group that works in renewable energy, rental inventory and real estate.

– We have a tenant already operating in the area and see synergies in expanding that business. At the same time, we see that the area is expanding and that there are many plans for further establishment, which makes it even more interesting to build here,” says Lars Wikman, CEO of polarrenen.

The tenant they have signed an agreement with is Hermelinen, which already has premises at Boden Business Park where they offer training and occupational health services on a small scale.

Increased mental ill health

The new premises will provide facilities for health and wellness care, a health centre with a doctor’s office, paediatric and maternity care, CBT therapy and occupational therapy. Business services also get a bigger share.

– It will be a health centre in Boden where we can offer the entire care chain under one roof. We’ve been looking at expanding our operations in Boden for a while, and it feels natural given the developments taking place there and in our region. We want to contribute to this,” says Per-Erik Mattsson, CEO of Hermelinen.

He points out that mental ill health is on the rise among young people and in society in general, while employers are seeing the benefits of prioritising occupational health care.

– For employers, this will perhaps be even more important now, given the developments taking place in the region. Working on physical and mental well-being makes employees feel good and want to stay and also leads to more sustainable employees. We will be an important part of Boden,” says Per Erik Mattsson.

Local contractors only

The opening of the health spa is scheduled for October 2023. But already this year, on 24 November, there will be an opportunity to meet Hermelinen at Boden Business Park. They will tell you more about the project and the job opportunities it brings.

– I hope many people are curious and want to meet us. The future is exciting and we will need to hire a range of skills,” says Per-Erik Mattsson.

Polarrenen has chosen Vittjärvshus as the main contractor for the construction. Electrical, ventilation and plumbing installations will also be carried out by local companies.

The house being built is insulated with thick walls and up to 70 centimetres of insulation under the slab. The facade is made of heat-treated pine to extend durability without using plastic paints or chemicals. Preparations are also underway for a future photovoltaic installation to produce its own electricity.

– Within the Group, we already own five wind turbines and produce more renewable electricity than we use, and part of that surplus will be used for the operation of this property,” says Lars Wikman.

Building permit for “Snowflake”

PartAB Group has previously reported on the Snowflake project. A hotel complex with entrepreneurial housing and conference space planned to be built on the site opposite the hälsonavet.

The company has now bought the land and been granted planning permission for a building of 8080 square metres. According to the building permit documents, there will be around 150 rooms, facilities for a spa and a roof terrace.

Anton Lundholm, CEO of Part Group, has previously said that the building will be mostly wooden and that they will recycle modules that are in various places in Sweden, but not used.

– Sustainability is important to us and it feels great that we can recycle parts of something we have already produced, says Anton Lundholm

It is currently uncertain when the company will start preparing the land and when the construction will be completed.


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