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Boden has the best business climate in the region

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svensk Näringsliv), the business community’s own national interest group, has conducted a large survey among entrepreneurs in the country, on how they perceive the business climate in their municipality.

For the second year in a row, Boden received the highest rating of the 14 municipalities in the county, and the responses reinforce the image of Boden as a business-friendly municipality. Recently, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions also presented its survey of how satisfied entrepreneurs are with the municipalities’ service in the exercise of public authority, and Boden received the best rating in the whole country.

The results are not unexpected, as Boden has chosen a strategic direction to strengthen and develop long-term cooperation with entrepreneurs and the local business community.

– This is an extremely clear and good signal that again strengthens the image of Boden as a place for business. Our strong business climate is a critical success factor in the green societal transformation in which Boden is playing an increasingly important role. Now we’re going to step it up even more. Claes Nordmark, Municipal Councillor.

Top 50 in Sweden

Since 2012, the rating has steadily improved. From 2.5 to 4.1. Boden is the only municipality in Norrbotten to pass the 4.0 mark in overall rating and now the ambition is to climb into the top 50 list in Sweden.
Arjeplog and Älvsbyn are the closest municipalities in the county to Boden with 3.7 and 3.4 marks respectively.

– It’s hard, consistent work that moves our positions forward. Close and daily contact with our entrepreneurs allows us to constantly identify areas for improvement and avoid misunderstandings. Now that pressures are mounting, it is particularly important that we bring our local business community on board to maximise the impact of the societal transformation we are undergoing. Mats Berg, Municipal and Business Manager.

Final ranking this autumn

Every year, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise measures more than 30,000 companies’ experiences of running businesses in their municipalities. The responses to the survey provide a picture of how the business environment is perceived by companies. The responses are then combined with five statistical factors to produce a ranking that makes it possible to compare Sweden’s 290 municipalities. The final ranking will be presented later this autumn.


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