Boden Business Park


Become a breakfast host at Företagsfrukost in Boden!

Want to showcase your company at a business breakfast? Now you can become a breakfast host when the Boden Business Breakfast is held at Boden Business Park.

Business Breakfast in Boden is a meeting place for networking and information. On the first Friday of each month, we start the working day with a joint breakfast before the programme kicks off on stage in the Workshop at Boden Business Park. Here you have the opportunity to mingle with other entrepreneurs and make new contacts in the business world while getting an update on what’s happening in Boden municipality. 

New for this autumn is that you as a business owner can be a breakfast host!
You’ll have the chance to showcase your business to our guests.

As a breakfast host, you can use an exhibition area with a standing table where you can put up a roll-up or beach flag and other materials.

Your company is mentioned on stage, both at the beginning and at the end of the programme. Breakfast values are also mentioned in Boden Business Park’s marketing for breakfast.

Price: 9 995 kr ex VAT. 

Dates for the autumn Business Breakfast in Boden:
11 November (booked)
2 December (booked)

Are you interested?
Contact business developer Michaela Strömberg.

Business Breakfast in Boden is arranged in cooperation between Boden Business Park, Boden Municipality and Företagarna Boden. The breakfast will be held in the Workshop at Boden Business Park and will be broadcast online via Boden municipality’s Facebook page.


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