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Welcome, Previous!

The proximity of education and business attracted Previous to Boden Business Park. The consulting and indie game development company is now one of around 70 companies with us.

Previous AB is a consulting and indie game development company founded in May 2022 by Oskar Jakobsson and Erik Torenstam.

Why did you choose to establish your business in Boden Business Park?

“We chose to establish ourselves at Boden Business Park to be close to education, companies and to promote Boden’s growth,” says Oskar Jakobsson, one of the two founders.

What are you up to?

“We are currently developing prototypes and small applications, as well as consulting for educational purposes in the computer games industry. This summer we will work with Summercamp by Boden Game Camp, a ten-week course for young adults interested in game development.”

Do you also want to rent premises with us?
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