Boden Business Park

Welcome, Markbygden Net!

Markbygden Net believes in local presence and the electricity-intensive industries in the Boden/Luleå area therefore attracted the electricity network company to Boden Business Park. The company is a new tenant in our coworking space at the top of Verkstan.

Markbygden Net AB is an electricity network company whose business concept is to enable and support companies in need of large amounts of renewable energy, whether for consumption or production. Markbygden is a Swedish company that believes in local presence where they will continue to be an effective and sustainable partner with a focus on green industrialization.

Their largest operation is currently in the Markbygden area outside Piteå, where they have the Råbäcken substation (connecting 420 wind turbines), which with its 1700 MW capacity is the largest connection point in the Nordic region. In total, the company supplies the Swedish electricity market with about 5 TWh/year, which corresponds to about a third of what the Lule River produces each year. Since the end of 2023, the company is part of the Ellevio group.

Why did you choose to establish your business in Boden Business Park?

“We have previously had our office in Piteå, which has been very practical with the proximity to Markbygden during the project-intensive phase. We are now in a position where our existing customers are fully connected and our plant is fully operational, which gives us an opportunity to focus on other markets as well. Right now, there is a lot going on in the Boden/Luleå area with links to electricity-intensive industries, which makes Boden Business Park geographically advantageous.”

“Furthermore, we find the environment and the open climate very appealing and a good basis for further growth. We believe in cooperation between several actors to create synergies and added value, which we see this establishment will create good opportunities for.”

What are you up to?

“We have just completed the largest connection point in the Nordic region for Europe’s largest onshore wind farm. With the experience we have, we now see good opportunities to connect more producers and consumers in the existing regional network in Markbygden, but also new connections in other parts of northern Sweden. We want to be perceived as an efficient and sustainable partner in all aspects (safety, time, cost and environment).”