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Welcome, Sparrowland!

The proximity to some of Sweden’s best gaming education programs made Sparrowland choose to establish itself at Boden Business Park. The game studio is now one of around 70 companies with us.

Sparrowland is a new small game studio consisting of the brothers Mikael and Andreas Norberg. The goal is to develop games with multi-layered stories that leave a strong emotional impact on the player, thus finding and cultivating an audience that allows the studio to grow organically over time.

Why did you choose to establish your business in Boden Business Park?

– It seemed obvious for many reasons – not least because we are a gaming company, and having an office about 100 meters from some of Sweden’s best gaming schools seemed pretty smart.

What are you up to?

– We are working on our first title which – if the schedule holds – will see the light of day in fall/winter 2024. En tragisk spökhistoria som utspelar sig över två parallella tidsplan, som i botten handlar om familj, kärlek och vad den kan leda oss till. Andreas gör grafik och musik och Micke skruvar ihop delarna till ett spel.

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