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New game education starts at Boden Game Camp

This autumn, Boden Game Camp will be further complemented when the education Futuregames Animator and VFX Artist starts. The education will be the seventh games education in Sävast and will strengthen the emerging ecosystem.

Changemaker Educations has received the go-ahead for the the Higher Vocational Education Futuregames Animator and VFX Artist. The education will be provided by the own brand Futuregames at Boden Business Park in Sävast. VFX is an abbreviation of visual effects. A VFX artist uses software to create visual effects in film, game and commercial production.

– Once again, we received a positive response from the Higher Vocational Education, which really sees and understands the long-term investment in the games industry that we are making here in Boden, which is extremely gratifying. This will further complement our ecosystem and make us even more attractive, both for students moving here and for the studios that are increasingly looking to establish themselves in Boden,” says Mattias Bergqvist, business developer at Boden Business Park.

For us at 5 Fortress, we welcome this good news as another big and important piece of the puzzle falls into place for us and the games industry in Boden, says Johan Sundkvist, Lead game designer at 5 Fortress, which has offices at Boden Business Park.

The education will have 10 positions in Boden and 25 in Stockholm and will comprise 550 Higher Vocational Education credits, which means approximately 2.5 years of full-time study.

– As an education provider, we are very pleased to be able to expand our portfolio of game educations to provide the region with new talent, which in the long run will strengthen the games industry in the north, says Lina Ekström Morin, site manager for Boden at Futuregames/Changemaker Educations.

Boden Game Camp is a unique ecosystem for the games industry in Boden and an integral part of the Boden Business Park. Students from Sweden and all over the world come here for an education with good prospects for a career in a digital future industry. At Boden Game Camp there are already the Higher Vocational Educations Game Artist, Game Designer, Game Programmer, QA/Game tester as well as Komvux education Game-dev indie, folk high school education Indiespelutvecklare and high school education GameDev program.

Read more about Boden Game Camp here!


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