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Dream limit reached for Boden – top 50 in the country

The annual Business Climate Survey was published on Wednesday. Boden continues to climb up the national rankings and passes a long-awaited level.

The results show that Boden continues to improve – a full 24 places – from 68th to 44th place. This means that Boden is once again the municipality in Norrbotten with the best business climate and that an interim goal has been achieved. A stated ambition that has been in place since 2018 when the municipality passed the 100th place – to enter the top 50 list.

Every year, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise measures more than 30,000 companies’ experiences of running businesses in their municipalities. The responses to the survey provide a picture of how the business environment is perceived by companies. The results are then combined with five statistical factors to produce a ranking that makes it possible to compare Sweden’s 290 municipalities.

In eight years, Boden has gone from 274th to 44th place and stands out among the county’s other municipalities.

– It is incredibly gratifying that we are able to reach our goal of being among the top 50 municipalities in the country. In Boden, we have together succeeded in creating a strong dialogue between the municipality, our entrepreneurs and many others. The corporate culture we are developing is a success factor in the major industrial and societal transformation we have now entered. Now we are going to set a new interim goal and that is that we in Boden will continue to maintain this high level and that we will take over the leadership from Timrå and have the best business climate in the whole of Norrland, says Claes Nordmark, municipal councillor.

– As the head of the municipality and the business community, I am of course extremely proud of our achievement. It’s hard work and determination that continues to pay off. It is particularly positive and gratifying that we see a positive development in both the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s survey and the SKR’s insight survey. Now we will continue our joint development work to make Boden attractive for our entrepreneurs,” says Mats Berg, municipal and business manager.

Read more about the teamwork behind the success story here!


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