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Developing the fish feed of the future in Boden

In the project Future feed for poultry, fish and pork that is starting now, Boden has a central role in the fish feed part of the project. The experimental facility is planned to be located next to the test greenhouse at the Boden Plug & Play area and will be run by staff from the Boden labor market unit, trained by researchers at SLU.

Now Axfoundation and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) are bringing practitioners and researchers from Boden to Öland to develop the future of feed for food birds, laying hens, fish and pigs. The hope is to replace ingredients such as imported soy and wild-caught fish in conventional feed with more resource-efficient and circular raw materials that have a significantly lower environmental and climate impact.

Current studies include insects bred on food waste, blue mussels that clean the Baltic Sea, and mycoprotein fed with residual streams from the forestry industry.

The goal is to build up a production and sale of food birds, eggs, fish and pigs raised on feed with low climate impact, high circularity, positive impact on biodiversity, low attractiveness for other consumption and no new nutrients to the Baltic Sea region.

Recipes developed by SLU

In the national project, Boden is the location for the development of the fish feed. Here, recipes developed by SLU will be tested and developed with local support.

“This is another example of the circular industries that we are working to develop here. Hopefully, we will be able to use substrates from local suppliers and build a model that can be run by a social enterprise in the future,” says Nils Lindh, business developer at Boden Business Park, one of Ax Foundation’s national partners in the project.

The plan is that the project’s activities in Boden will take place in connection with the existing test greenhouse at the Boden Plug & Play industrial area with the possibility of using residual heat from server halls. Boden Plug & Play is the part of the former military area A8 and AF1 where a solar park and large-scale greenhouse cultivation are also planned. The planned project activities fit well with the overall industrial symbiosis that has been initiated here.

The aim is to start the practical work in the Boden part of the project after the summer.

The project is run by Axfoundation and SLU together with 23 other partners. The project is partly financed by Vinnova.

Read more about the project here.


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