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Chronicle 2022

Thank you for this year!

2022 is almost over and it has been an exciting year of highs and lows where we take with us personal encounters, fighting spirit and forward thinking. Together with Företagarna Boden, we have compiled a selection of events from Boden’s business community in 2022.

Boden at the top

The municipality of Boden has the highest rating in Sweden for the exercise of public authority by companies, according to the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions’ Insikt service survey.

Boden achieves its best result ever in the Swedish Business Confederation’s business climate survey and comes in 44th place, which is the best in Norrbotten.

The smart green

H2 Green Steel breaks ground.
At bodenxt.se you as a business owner can find relevant information and follow the construction.

What a building boom!
Several local companies are investing in residential and commercial real estate.

Boden’s first greenhouse powered by waste heat from a data centre is up and running.


Several companies receive awards during the year:

– Nära Mat Boden: Cooperative of the Year in Norrbotten.
– Bergmans smide: Young Entrepreneur of the Year Norrbotten.
– Parkkompaniet, Axelsson’s Rail and Multcon: 2022’s Gasell companies.
– Skifix: Entrepreneur of the Year at the Boden Business Gala.

At naringslivsgalan.nu you can find all the winners.

Increased pulse in the centre

Property owners, traders, restaurateurs and the municipality of Boden are joining forces to create an even more vibrant and attractive city centre.

This results in the collaboration form Boden Tillsammans and a centre developer is appointed.

It’s also great to see new shops and restaurants opening throughout the year!

The countryside attracts

As usual, there is a lot going on in the countryside and more and more people are finding their way here. Some of the initiatives are:

– Svantes Bistro & Café opens in Harads.
– Storklinten invests and returnee Tommy Eliasson Winter takes over as CEO.
– Meditron Holding AB acquires Treehotel.
– Deserted houses in the Råne and Vitå river valleys will come to life through “Growing Together II”.

Businesses in focus

In Boden, business issues are always at the centre and our mission is to create the conditions for the local business community to grow.

Throughout the year, we meet with many interesting companies to listen to their needs and how we can work together going forward.

Businesses can take part in business breakfasts around the municipality, the business development programme Growth Journey, procurement school, collaboration events with Luleå and more.

Last but not least

180 new businesses will start in 2022 and we look forward to following your journey!

Keep an eye out for bodenbusinesspark.se and foretagarna.se/boden to find out what’s happening next year.

With this, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – and we hope to see you at the Business Breakfast at Boden Business Park on 13 January!


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