Boden Business Park


Welcome, TeamNorr!

TeamNorr sees the establishment at Boden Business Park as a perfect start to get started effectively and grow with customers. The company is now one of around 75 tenants with us.

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Welcome, Markbygden Net!

Markbygden Net believes in local presence and the electricity-intensive industries in the Boden/Lulu area therefore attracted the electricity network company to Boden Business Park. The company is a new tenant in our coworking space at the top of Verkstan.

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Bright eq scaled 1
New company in Boden invests in sports club

Boden has welcomed a new company that prioritizes sustainability and thinks differently to benefit the community associations. On Friday, they hosted the business breakfast and issued a call to action to the municipality’s entrepreneurs.

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Sparrowland 2
Welcome, Sparrowland!

The proximity to some of Sweden’s best gaming education programs made Sparrowland choose to establish itself at Boden Business Park. The game studio is now one of around 70 companies with us.

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Kiwa 2
Welcome, Kiwa!

Local presence is central to Kiwa’s business and the company sees opportunities to benefit from the region’s workforce by establishing itself at Boden Business Park. Kiwa is now one of the tenants in our coworking space.

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Vy över Boden Industrial Park. Solen skiner en vinterdag med snö och skog.
Important step in Boden’s social transformation

The Land and Environment Court has now announced that the appeals against the zoning plan for the so-called infrastructure corridor to the Boden Industrial Park are rejected. This means that the adoption decision stands and is another important step in the transformation of the city of Boden.

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