Boden Business Park

Boden best in Sweden at exercising authority

According to the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions’ (SALAR) quality measurement of municipalities’ exercise of authority and service to entrepreneurs, “Open comparison of business climate”, Boden municipality is the highest ranked municipality in Sweden.

Öppen jämförelse företagsklimat reports results from Insikt, a quality measurement of municipalities’ exercise of authority and service to businesses. The survey is conducted in collaboration with the Stockholm Business Alliance (SBA) and is now being carried out for the eleventh time since its inception in 2010.

In the survey, entrepreneurs are asked to rate the municipalities’ service and efficiency in six designated authority areas: fire protection, building permits, land use permits, environmental and health protection, food control and hospitality licenses. Since 2020, another area has been added: procurement. However, the results for this area are reported separately from the rest of the survey.

“Good rating for our long-term work”

Overall, the survey shows that businesses attach great importance to the efficiency, attitude and commitment of public authorities.

“This is a good testament to our ongoing and long-term work for a favorable business climate here in Boden. It is also gratifying that, through systematic improvement work, we are once again managing to take the leading position, despite, or perhaps thanks to, all that is happening linked to the ongoing societal transition. Our strong business climate and the active dialog we have with our business community is a success factor in the ongoing community building,” says Mats Berg, Head of Business.

Contribute to the development of municipalities

The survey is a quality measurement of municipalities’ administration and service to businesses. It shows in which areas of authority and services the entrepreneurs consider that the municipalities work well or less well and what they need to improve. By offering the opportunity to compare services between municipalities and between different areas of authority in the municipalities, SKR hopes to contribute to the municipalities’ development work in the area of business climate.


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