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Welcome, Synne Hoel Sveum!

A chance to make new contacts and sit among other creative people attracted Synne Hoel Sveum to Boden Business Park. She is now one of our new tenants.

Synne Hoel Sveum is a freelancer in the media industry and works on a variety of television productions. After several years in Stockholm, she and her partner decided to move to Boden, where he grew up, so now she works remotely.

– Sometimes I’m away filming, but mostly I’m at the computer editing/cutting different types of TV shows for clients like TV4, SVT and Viaplay.

Why did you choose to establish yourself at Boden Business Park?

– While I’m grateful that home offices are now a working concept, I thrive so much better in a social environment. So it’s great to be here among many other creative souls, and I see this as a good opportunity to make new contacts up here in the north. It’s great to have “colleagues” around me again.

What are you up to?

– What’s so exciting about freelancing is that you never really know what projects are coming up, and that I have to keep some things secret until the channel goes public with information about what’s to come. But in the near future, I’ll be going to a shoot in Mexico first of all, then I’ll be sitting here at the park working in the editing, so it’ll be an exciting winter.


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