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Welcome, RF-SISU!

An opportunity to get closer to the associations in Boden attracted Pernilla Jonsson and RF-SISU Norrbotten to Boden Business Park. Through a membership in our coworking, she has access to meeting rooms and a large network.
– I’m having a great time,” she says.

RF-SISU Norrbotten is part of the Swedish Sports Confederation and SISU Sport Educators. Their mission is to support, represent, lead and coordinate the sports movement on common issues at regional and local level. They contribute to the development of sport through education and training in sports clubs and specialised sports district associations.

Why is membership in the coworking ring a good fit for you?

– You can still find our head office in Luleå at Idrottens hus, but in our work, meeting the associations is the most important thing, so we are often out on visits, meetings or training in the associations’ activities in the county. Now we are taking a step closer to Boden with a membership in the coworking ring at Boden Business Park, says Pernilla Jonsson, sports consultant and continues:

– I’m having a great time! I have the opportunity to work much closer to the associations in this way, we can meet more spontaneously. I have access to meeting rooms and a fantastic network. A plus is that I constantly meet local people, who are also members of the associations.

What are you up to?

– The sports movement is currently undergoing major changes. We call it Strategy 2025. RF-SISU Norrbotten wants to take the associations on a development journey where the goal is for more people to be able and want to play sports in associations – throughout their lives.


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