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Say hello to our trainees!

Alvina Pettersson is studying to become a business developer for the hospitality industry at YH Akademin and Albin Westerberg is studying Master of Science in Natural Resources Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. During the spring, they do an internship with us at Boden Business Park.

Why did you want to do an internship at Boden Business Park?
“Boden Business Park was on the agenda quite early on, given all the fun things happening in Boden right now. I also wanted my first internship to be broad so that I could experience all aspects of the industry,” says Alvina.
“I have heard a lot of good things about Boden Business Park and it sounded interesting linked to what I study,” says Albin.

What has been the most fun so far?
“It is difficult not to mention everything as I have really enjoyed everything over the past few weeks. If I were to mention one thing that has stood out, it is of course the Swedish Championship week. It’s great to have been a part of it, the atmosphere in Pagla was great throughout the week,” says Alvina.
“It’s hard to choose one thing, but the moments that have stood out are accompanying Thomas Fägerman (CEO, Boden Business Park) and getting to know a lot of nice people at different companies and gaining insight into how they act as pieces of the puzzle to promote Boden’s development,” says Albin.

What has been the most instructive so far?
“It is definitely that I have seen how the industry and the profession of business developer works and gained a good insight into how broad the profession is. It has also been incredibly instructive to have tasks to work with. Together with Visit Boden I have worked on a tourism economic survey, but also worked on the development of a website where I have been able to give vent to the creative part of me. It has been incredibly fun and educational,” says Alvina.
“What I have learned the most from are the meetings I have been able to attend with Thomas Fägerman and everyone I have listened to and gotten to know, for example at REBAB (Residual Product Processing in Boden), Boden’s water and wastewater department and those who work in the city hall,” says Albin.

What do you want to do after the training?
“Right now, I’m particularly drawn to destination development, but events is another industry I’m keen to try. I think it is such an important part for a city to organize and work with events,” says Alvina.
“I want to work in sustainability and future green development,” says Albin.


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