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Recycled coworking in an open lounge environment

Do you also want to be part of the network at Boden Business Park? Now you can become a member of Space & Place coworking and have access to an open lounge environment.
– It boosts our opportunities for new ideas and motivation,” says Lars Lundqvist at FCV Sweden.

Since earlier Space & Place coworking at Boden Business Park. There you rent a space with a desk, chair and lockable locker. But not everyone who comes to Boden Business Park is looking for a place to work, they want to be part of the network, take meetings and participate in events. Boden Business Park offers a membership in an open lounge environment with the possibility to book meeting rooms.

– We have received requests from many different sources and now we finally had the opportunity to make them a reality,” says Ida-Marie Ek, Business Developer.

The lounge environment is furnished with recycled materials and is located next to the permanent workplaces of Space & Place coworking at the top of the Verkstan building.

– As a key part of the green transition, it is important that we also live as we learn. As the members’ lounge is not primarily a workplace, it does not need to be furnished with ergonomic furniture to the same extent as we do with our regular coworking. This is a meeting place for networking.

Among the companies that currently have a coworking space at Boden Business Park are both one-man businesses and larger companies that have their headquarters elsewhere. Through the on-site network, you can meet potential customers and find new skills for your business.

FCV Sweden is one of the companies that has a membership. The company works as a supplier to the Swedish Public Employment Service with the service Rusta och matcha, as well as with motivational interventions aimed primarily at young adults who are neither working nor studying.

Lars Lundqvist thinks it is important to constantly monitor the world around us and keep up with society’s rapid developments at all levels in order to remain at the forefront.

– A coworking environment feels right for our business. It makes it easier for us to be in multiple locations, to be a modern business and a hybrid workplace, while establishing new genuine relationships, which is important to us.

Why is membership a good idea?

– We combine our office in Luleå with a membership here and can thus create the best conditions for us. Meeting others in a unique environment contributes to having fun at work and to creating new contributions to society. It is also important to us that sustainability is a common thread and therefore appreciate the environmental approach and how it goes hand in hand with social sustainability.


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