Boden Business Park

Vy över Boden Industrial Park. Solen skiner en vinterdag med snö och skog.

Important step in Boden’s social transformation

The Land and Environment Court has now announced that the appeals against the zoning plan for the so-called infrastructure corridor to the Boden Industrial Park are rejected. This means that the adoption decision stands and is another important step in the transformation of the city of Boden.

The detailed plan for the infrastructure corridor will enable and ensure that it is possible to connect the Boden Industrial Park to the existing rail infrastructure by rail. The detailed plan is a critical point for H2 Green Steel’s ‘s ongoing investment in a hydrogen-poweredgreen steel production facilityin Boden. Parallel to the railroad, a regular road will also be built.

“A very complex detailed plan”

The local plan was appealed at an earlier stage, but the appeals have now been rejected by the Land and Environment Court.

– It is a very complex detailed plan as we are moving close to existing buildings and important recreational areas. We feel that we have had an open and transparent dialog with everyone involved, which is very important in processes of this kind. Even if we are not quite in the case yet, I interpret the Land and Environment Court’s opinion as a positive signal, says Lars Andersson, Head of Planning and Development.

“Important part of the transition process”

Mats Berg, head of the business community, also sees the latest announcement as a positive step in the right direction for growth in Boden.

– It is an extremely important part of the ongoing transition process. We have a lot of balls in the air right now where each individual has its given part in the whole, this is one of the bigger ones. We are moving forward, which is important as many of the timetables we have to deal with are aggressive to say the least,” says Mats Berg.

A further opportunity to appeal is available until April 6, 2023.