Boden Business Park


Man med ljus skjorta och mörk väst står framför en grå byggnad.
New company in Boden invests in sports club

Boden has welcomed a new company that prioritizes sustainability and thinks differently to benefit the community associations. On Friday, they hosted the business breakfast and issued a call to action to the municipality’s entrepreneurs.

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Hospitality training – multiple languages at work

Workplaces are increasingly multilingual as a result of globalization and migration. Learning a new language and culture takes time and misunderstandings can occur. Learning how to help colleagues who are not native speakers of Swedish reduces the risk of linguistic and cultural misunderstandings.

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karta över delar av Boden med gröna markeringar
A structured green community building is emerging

“We are in the midst of a green transition that is historic. We look outwards and attract companies from all over the world. We are building a society that is sustainable both ecologically and socially, with sustainable living environments where people can thrive and develop.”

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Lunch of the day v.49


Italian meatballs served with casarecce, hot tomato sauce and grated parmesan

Palak paneer served with basmati rice, grilled halloumi and tomatoes


Wild boar served with mashed potatoes, raw lingonberries and pressed cucumber

Mushroom cap on chanterelles served with potato puree, raw red lingonberries and pressed cucumber


Asian BBQ on carré served with noodle salad, gochujangmajo and toasted sesame seeds

Marinated Tofu served with noodle salad, gochujangmajo and toasted sesame seeds


Fish rolls on plaice served with roasted potatoes, sour white wine sauce and fennel crudité

Zucchini rolls with artichoke served with roasted potatoes and sour butter sauce


Pepper steak on rump served with potato gratin, pepper sauce and baked tomatoes

Soy & butter fried cauliflower served with grated smoked cheddar, chive aioli and crushed nuts

Soup of the day
Caesar salad and beetroot & chevre salad
Poké bowl
Grilled focaccia

Served with salad buffet, homemade bread and table water.
Coffee/tea and small cake.

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