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Datacenter construction Boden Business Agency

Conference room at Boden Business Park

About Boden Business Park

Boden Business Park is situated in the centre of the Node Pole, in between Luleå and Boden. 
It is right now emerging into the next generation of creative arenas where R&D, events , entrepreneurs and cutting edge techniques is melting into future solutions for new industries. 

In spring 2015, SKAPA business park started a major change. The facility changed its name to Boden Business Park and during this year the facility will get a new look, both internally and externally. Every change to meet the future business world. The goal is to fill the business hotel and by that create an attractive venue with creative, vibrant and accessible environment. An arena for business development, now and in the future.

The summer of 2014 SKAPA got a new owner with the municipally owned company Boden Business Agency, a company working with data center establishments. From the beginning, the new owners considering making SKAPA a Science Park, but because there are so many great innovation- and development projects around the municipality they didn't want to be tied to a place. Instead they chose to call the concept a Science City, where Boden Business Park acts as a hub and meeting place for this.

The goal is to make Boden Business Park to an innovative arena for data centers; because it's the new age industries. The focus also will be on environmental technology as it is a development area that Boden is at the forefront of.

As a facility Boden Business Park has all the qualifications to become a unique, creative and vibrant meeting place for companies and people who wants to develop. Here are business hotel, conference rooms, restaurant and hotel - all under the same roof, in a geographically accessible location with a big parking.

At Boden Business Park, we welcome all types of businesses and industries. We want to create cross-industry networks and through that enable innovation rich collaborations. When people get together and discuss, development and business are born. Boden Business Park will be an arena with the qualifications for that.


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