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Inauguration of the Boden Type Data Center One

11 february 2019, posted by Malin Winsa
The Boden Type Data Center One, BTDC, was officially inaugurated on Februray 7, 2019 in Boden, Sweden. The Mayor of Boden, Mr. Claes Nordmark as well as the CEO of Boden Business Agency Mr. Erik Svensson delivered the inaugural address, as the...

E-commerce education for Boden

29 january 2019, posted by Malin Winsa
Changemaker Educations gets the go-ahead to start a education for new web developers in Boden. The training focuses specifically on E-commerce. - The education has produced a successful result when we implemented it in Stockholm, and it is not...

Another gaming company is established in Boden

14 january 2019, posted by Malin Winsa
Stockholm-based Glorious Games becomes the third gaming company to establish a satellite studio at Boden Business Park. This means that all students in the first year will stay in the region during the spring internship.We have previously told...

Boden Gamecamp is open

8 january 2019, posted by Malin Winsa
Today the flag has been raised and Boden Gamecamp is officially inaugurated - Bodens first campus area.In August, a new cohort began at the education Indiespelut Developer, but they had nowhere to live. Our colleague Mattias Bergqvist quickly...

Game pioneers establish studios in Boden

20 december 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
This week, Boden Business Park is excited to announce that gaming veterans Peter Zetterberg and Thomas Lindgren are opening a new studio, Wanderword, in Boden, Sweden that will develop interactive audiobooks for mobile devices and smart...

Two steps forward for the gaming industry in Boden

4 december 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Mattias Bergqvist at Boden Business Park has a clear mission: to create a gaming industry in Boden. And he is a good bit on his way. Game education is growing and international companies are in the process of starting game studios here.It was...

Formsmedjan and Frozen Waffle starts collaboration

29 november 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Formsmedjan who is part of the park's coworking concept, starts co-operation with Frozen Waffle - Bodens first game studio, started by two students at the Indie game development program.The opportunities for collaboration and the complementary...

Malin makes people meet

19 november 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Where unexpected meetings between people happen, great things can happen. It says Malin Winsa at Boden Business Park. Meet the human collector who constantly arrange new events.Today, many of Boden Business Park see Sävast as the obvious...

He will take the environmental technology to new hights

19 september 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Thomas Fägerman is the man assigned to develop the environmental technology industry in Boden. He takes on the new job with great environmental commitment and courageous visions - like preparing the 97 for electrification. The municipal...

Welcome Hanna and Thomas!

8 september 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
This spring we were proud to introduce our new colleague Anna-Karin who works as a construction project leader for the "new building". After that we have been enriched by two more colleagues - Hanna Vågstedt and Thomas Fägerman.Hanna is...

Information about the new construction

17 august 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
During the summer there has begun to happen a lot here at Boden Business Park that you have certainly noticed. The foundation work that has begun is going very well, beyond expectations, which is very pleasing! Now on Monday, August 20th, we will...

Another game education for Boden

24 may 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Sunderby Folkhögskola together with Changemaker Education starts another game development education, Indiegaming - Game programming, at Boden Business park in Sävast. The education complements the already existing education...

Hello Per at Norrlandsfonden!

18 may 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Six days left to Blockchain North and we had a small chat with Per Nilsson at the Norrlandsfonden, silver partner for the conference. Hi Per! What is going on at Norrlandsfonden right now? We are busy providing finance to exciting...

Interview with Patrik Öhlund at Node Pole

15 may 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Blockchain North approaches and on May 24th we will open the doors to Studio Nord to arrange the first Blockchain conference in northern Sweden together with Luleå University of Technology. As a gold partner for the conference, we proudly...

Boden is investing in the blockchain technology

4 may 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Boden has already established itself as a place where more and more block chain companies establish their servers in the data halls that exist. Now you should take the next step: further processing.- We have halls for servers. Now it's all about...

Skanska got the contract on the new buildning

16 april 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
During the Monday morning the contract was signed. It will be Skanska that builds out Boden Business Park. "It feels great, finally," says Anna-Karin Andersson, who leads the project.The procurement is now complete and a partnering agreement has...

Save the date! Blockchain conference on may 24th.

29 march 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Save the date! On May 24th we will, together with Luleå Technical University, host the Blockchain North conference - a full day seminar for those who want to know more about Blockchain and its possibilities.More info will be launched...

Business adviser on site one day a week

12 march 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Starting 5th of April, the business adviser Owe Johansson will be at Boden Business Park every Thursday. In addition to counseling, he will regularly hold shorter lectures / workshops in current subjects. More info on the lectures is available on...

New investment company - Arctic Ventures will invest in start-ups

10 january 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Arctic Business Incubator starts business arctic venture Arctic Ventures, which will invest in startups as soon as it enters the incubator. Access to capital is crucial in the start and growth of new knowledge-intensive companies. In order to...

Pan-European collaboration creates the next generation of data centers

10 october 2017, posted by Malin Winsa
The EU research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020, has awarded a three year innovation project in Northern Sweden. The aim is to prototype the most energy and cost efficient datacenter in the world. A pan-European consortium consisting of...
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