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Interview with Patrik Öhlund at Node Pole
15 maj 2018, publicerad av Malin Winsa

Interview with Patrik Öhlund at Node Pole

Blockchain North approaches and on May 24th we will open the doors to Studio Nord to arrange the first Blockchain conference in northern Sweden together with Luleå University of Technology. As a gold partner for the conference, we proudly present Node Pole and we had a snack with their CEO Patrik Öhlund.

What is going on at Node Pole right now?

More and more investors in different industry segments are looking to Sweden as one of the best locations for energy-intense industries, and we are working hard to help them find good solutions for their business operations.

Generally speaking, Why is the blockchain technology so interesting?

It is a new and emerging technology that holds a great potential for new business models. One of the most interesting aspects is the ability to use the blockchain technology to create mutual trust between business partners that do not know each other, thus reducing or perhaps eliminating the need for a 3rd party intermediate, such as a bank or a law firm. This is likely to have a disruptive impact on many existing business models.

Why have Node Pole chosen to be a gold partner to Blockchain North?

We believe that it is important that more people learn about the new technology and start to think about how it can be used in their own business operations. Sweden in general, and Boden in particular, is already an international hub for business operations based on blockchain technology, and we need to gear up to leverage on this and create new business solutions to secure future growth.


Hope to se you all at Blockchain North on May 24th! More info at

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