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New investment company - Arctic Ventures will invest in start-ups
10 januari 2018, publicerad av Malin Winsa

New investment company - Arctic Ventures will invest in start-ups

Arctic Business Incubator starts business arctic venture Arctic Ventures, which will invest in startups as soon as it enters the incubator.

Access to capital is crucial in the start and growth of new knowledge-intensive companies. In order to strengthen the companies belonging to the Arctic Business Incubator, a new business angel company - Arctic Ventures is now starting. The most promising high-tech export companies adopted for the incubator ABI will receive from $ 300,000 in initial capital. Money that can be exchanged with other capital and make a proper move forward.

Arctic Ventures will provide private investors, so-called business angels, the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of companies in various industries that are admitted to ABI. Business angels will be able to invest between 150 000 and 350 000 kr and are given the opportunity to meet and follow these companies right from the start.

ABI will arrange meetings for interested investors in different locations in northern Sweden with the aim of Arctic Ventures to raise investments in early 2018 and during the spring make the first investments in new start-up companies.

"For us and start-ups in northern Sweden, this is a big move forward. It has been one of our biggest advances since its inception and may also be of great importance to developments in the region in the long term, "says Jens Lundström, CEO of the Arctic Business Incubator.

"There are many interesting start-ups in Northern Sweden, but they often require capital - because their products and services cost a lot to develop or because they need to be tested on a larger audience than we have here. With Arctic Ventures, we give entrepreneurs completely other opportunities to quickly develop their services and enter the international market, "Jens continues.

The companies that ABI enters must comply with a number of criteria developed by the incubator over the last twelve years and ensure the potential of the business idea. Experience and quality assurance provide relatively high potential and low risk for each investment.

Arctic Venture's format to combine a business incubator with capitals investments based on a well-proven model like STING, Stockholm Innovation & Growth AB, started a few years ago with very good results. Combining a business incubator with capital investments is relatively new in Sweden, but has been in the United States for many years. The most famous example there is YCombinator.

ABI takes over 40 new entrepreneurs and teams throughout the region Skellefteå to Kiruna, which is ready to start companies around its idea, qualifying about 10 companies to the incubator where they continue to develop the companies and receive capital from Arctic Ventures in 2018 .

For more information, see and contact:

Jens Lundström, CEO of Arctic Business Incubator, +46 70 667 84 98

Niklas Österberg, Senior Business Advisor Arctic Business Incubator, +46 70 318 38 00

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