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Boden Gamecamp is open

Boden Gamecamp is open

Today the flag has been raised and Boden Gamecamp is officially inaugurated - Bodens first campus area.

In August, a new cohort began at the education Indiespelut Developer, but they had nowhere to live. Our colleague Mattias Bergqvist quickly arranged student accommodation. It quickly became full in the student housing a few kilometers away and the solution was to place out a number of modular apartments just behind the building called the Greenhouse.

On Tuesday, the housing was opened, which is now called Boden Gamecamp. Municipal council Claes Nordmark (S) held a speech and hoisted a flag with the campus logo, in sparkling sunshine and clear, cold air.

- The Bodens have every reason to be proud of the development here at Boden Business Park and everyone who is involved in driving this forward. There are many who do a very hard and successful job and this is evident throughout the world. People know Boden Business Park, he says.

The students themselves enjoy very well here, the 18 square meters hold most things they need. The proximity to the school is important, they think. Here, the students have 25 meters from the bed to the school bench and full access to the training premises, 24 hours a day.

Today, around 50 students attend the program, but within a couple of years, nearly 200 students are expected to be present, so Boden Game Camp will probably be expanded with another floor of modular apartments.

- We are driving in true Bodenanda. The booth is also an army city and such campuses we also set up in countries such as Afghanistan when sending out missions there. So why not do this as well? Here we are on the toe, we want to move forward as fast as we can, says Claes Nordmark.

In the picture: Claes Nordmark, municipal councilor Bodens municipality, Lars Lundqvist, Changemaker Education, Madelene Hansson, Sunderby Folkhögskola, Mattias Bergqvist and Erik Svensson, Boden Business Park.