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Nyheter Boden Business Park


11 december 2015, publicerad av Formsmedjan

KnC and Vattenfall develop blockchain technology in realtime at The Arctic Chain Hackathon

This weekend the Arctic Chain Hackathon venue is organised at Boden Business Park. The initiator of the competition is Boden Business Agency and the blockchain enabling company KnC who, through this event, creates opportunities to capture the unbound power of independent programmers and developers.

In early 2014, KnC established its first data center in Boden and almost two years later, everything suggests that Boden is heading towards becoming Sweden’s bitcoin center. The blockchain technology, which is the underlying technology behind the crypto currency Bitcoin, is fundamentally about creating digital "certificate chains" - a technology that is expected to revolutionize several industries. The banking sector, the logistics sector and the ICT sector amongst others already devotes large research funds to develop solutions based on blockchain technology.

With the right skills, development will happen quickly.  But where can you find expertise on an as yet unexplored market? KnC now opens the door for the world to unleash their hidden skills at the Arctic Chain Hackathon.

Ready to invest at the venue

During the Arctic Chain Hackathon KnC wants to develop the technology by finding new areas that the blockchain technology can be applied on. Over the weekend, participants will be able to compete in either best business idea or best programming solution. At the venue KnC and other stakeholders are ready to invest in interesting solutions. 

"The Arctic Chain Hackathon is about both finding and actually creating new use cases using this technology. Really good solutions can obtain financing on the spot, or even a job with us. Blockchain is a rapidly expanding field of technology, where anything created over the weekend may have a direct global impact", says Sam Cole, CEO of KnC Group.

Patrik Öhlund, CFO of Vattenfall Hydropower who is the main sponsor of the event, explains why they enter into the Arctic Chain Hackathon:

"We see great potential in the establishment of new data centers in the region and hope that this event will promote the growth of new services linked to this. It is climate friendly to establish data center in northern Sweden thanks to free cooling and access to stable and renewable energy. Vattenfall's new strategy is based on sustainability in both generation and consumption, and data centers in northern Sweden is a perfect example of that."

Christian Ander is a member of one of the teams that have signed up for the Arctic Chain Hackathon. He is an experienced developer who runs the blockchain company BTCX in Stockholm.

"The interesting thing about the blockchain is that it opens up opportunities for the individual to self-implement things that in currently requires other parties, such as banks or government agencies. Getting the opportunity to meet industry people who create innovation and is at the forefront of blockchain and Bitcoin technology will be very educational and inspiring. Arctic Chain Hackathon feels like a good place to exchange ideas, test ideas and get relevant feedback, "says Christian Ander.

"It feels fantastic to host the Arctic Chain Hackathon at Boden Business Park. It fits hand in hand with our vision and with our customers' commitment to push digital development to the leading edge." Concludes Malin Winsa, Manager at Boden Business Park.

The venue also includes the premiere of The Bitcoin Experiment, produced by the Norwegian production company Hacienda. The Bitcoin Experiment is a Scandinavian road movie about the digital currency bitcoin. In a playful combination of reality-style documentary, carefully planned encounters, info-graphics and interviews with experts, national authorities and enthusiasts the film take a closer look at the phenomenon called the biggest technological breakthrough since the Internet.


For more information, please contact:

Sam Cole, CEO, KnC Group
+46 73 433 06 15 | 

Malin Winsa, Manager, Boden Business Park                                    
+46 70 601 20 24 |                         

About KnC
Founded in 2013, KnC is a global technology leader in the Blockchain space, providing efficient, secure and green blockchain power to the world. KnC also has an exceptional track record of delivering next generation ASIC chips to the market. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, KnC develops state-of-the-art chip design and cloud services for blockchain-based applications incl. cryptocurrency mining. KnC also runs industrial-scale operations in other locations globally, with the main focus within the Arctic Circle. Read more at



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