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22 oktober 2015, publicerad av Malin Winsa

Proposals for reduced electricity tax for data centers

Proposals for reduced electricity tax for data centers

On 9 October, the report that government investigators made about the electricity tax for the data center. Government investigators want to lower electricity tax for IT companies that operate data centers and welcomed the proposal of the Finance Ministry.

The commission proposes that the data center should be at the same level of electricity tax as part of the traditional industries already. IT companies that operate them will pay 0.5 cents per kilowatt hour, instead of the current 19,4 cents or 29,4 cents, depending on where in the country they are located.

A reduced electricity tax could be important to attract international IT companies to Sweden says the investigator. In recent years, several of the largest Nordic chosen as the location for data centers. Apple is building a large plant in Denmark, Google has taken up to Finland and Facebook chose then Sweden. Several neighboring countries have already implemented similar reductions in electricity tax.

- This means a lot to us at Boden Business Agency. We have a good offer and now we can sharpen it further in order to encourage more start-ups, says CEO Erik Svensson. Even Boden Business Park, which we own and operate, this is positive. We work for the facility to become an innovation arena and meeting place for the data center industry with more establishments increases opportunities for this, he concludes.

Arctic Food Hack ska ge nya affärsidéer inom mat

11 oktober 2018, publicerad av Malin Winsa
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Thomas Fägerman är mannen som fått i uppdrag att utveckla miljöteknikbranschen i Boden. Han tar sig an det nya jobbet med stort miljöengagemang och modiga visioner – som att förbereda 97:an för...

Uppdatering nybygget

15 september 2018, publicerad av Malin Winsa
Som alla sett (och framförallt hört) går projekt ”nybygget” framåt i en hejdundrande fart! Vi har träffat platschef Karin Brand från Skanska för att få en liten uppdatering om bygget. Hej...


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