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More game students to Boden Gamecamp

More game students to Boden Gamecamp

Three new game educations will open up at Boden Gamecamp. With the allocations of three completely new Higher Vocational Educations, the number of gaming students grows to over 200 in Boden.

It is together with Changemaker Educations / Future Games that Boden Gamecamp now offers an increased number of Higher Vocational Educations in the globally growing gaming industry. In addition to the existing educations; Indie game developers, QA / Game tests and web developers in e-commerce add three brand new Futuregames courses; Game programmer, Game artist and Game designer.

All three new educations are 2.5 years, ie five semesters. A major investment is underway within the Arctic Game Lab to strengthen the gaming industry in northern Sweden, and then the addition of new educations is extremely important for the industry's development.

In Boden, all students are offered accommodation and most have managed to get an internship as many of the companies established at Boden Business Park set up internships. In addition, some students have also gotten jobs at some of the established game studios after completing their education. With the start-up of a gaming incubator soon, you will see a completely unique ecosystem for the gaming industry in Boden.

Boden Gamecamp is a collaboration between Sunderby Folk High School, Changemaker Educations and Boden Business Park.

- It feels fantastic that we can now take the next step in our development of Boden Gamecamp and further strengthen Boden as a hub for game development in northern Sweden. With the new educations, we will have over 200 students at Boden Gamecamp, says Emil Sandberg, business developer, Boden Business Park.

- It feels really fun that we manage to get even more gaming students here who will create growth here in Boden. The gaming industry is a global industry where we in Boden in a short time have managed to establish ourselves thanks to collaboration with established players and an incredibly hard job at Boden Business Park, says Claes Nordmark, municipal councilor.

- We are very happy to hear that BBP is getting even more Education programs. Getting to be involved with the students directly by sharing a building has helped us a great deal in gaining good one-on-one relationships with the students by influencing their learnings and being able to provide strong internships. We look forward to being able to hire even more talent out of the building when they graduate and will continue to grow our partnership in helping to establish a gaming industry in the region, says Russ McMackin, Founder / CEO - House of How.


Emil Sandberg, business developer, Boden Business Park, 070-280 40 92