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We welcome Anna to Boden Business Park!
17 september 2015, publicerad av Malin Winsa

We welcome Anna to Boden Business Park!

On Monday we got to welcome Anna Karlsson as new colleague at Boden Business Park and Boden Business Agency, which we are incredibly happy for! Anna will mainly work as coordinator and administrator, and keep track of the things of the park, our tenants, events, etc. Anna comes from Ocay (formerly Kontore) where she worked as an inside sales since 2003.

- I am a seller, informer and administrator with a expressed sense for both service and structure. I believe in good results through good relationships with both customers and colleagues. When I give service and I'm in a coordinating role I deliver my best. Boden Business Park is facing a big change and it's fun and challenging to be part of the process!

We are incredibly pleased and proud of our recruitment and look forward to the energy and structure that Anna brings!

You can reach Anna at alternatively at 070-2778270

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