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16 okt 2019, 07:30-09:00
Welcome to Utblick - a breakfast meeting where outlook becomes insight. In a broader perspective, we see together opportunities and trends for sustainable growth.


What is it like to be in the game industry? How is the industry changing? How do you flourish in a creative industry balancing art vs business?

For today's talk, we have invited Russ McMackin, who is the studio head for House of How Games. He will talk about what life used to be like in the games industry, what it's like now, and where it might be headed. He will provide advice for both aspiring and junior developers of all disciplines, of how to get in and how to be exceptional. From a business perspective, he will talk about how the industry works overall, how to work as and work with artistic/creative disciplines, and will speak about the broader trends that have emerged that might make their way to other industries. Mostly though, after a couple decades as an indie, professional, studio head, intern program manager, and top industry publisher, he'll be able to answer just about anything anyone wants to ask about!

Russ is a a programmer from one of the top CS universities in the world. He spent nearly 10 years at Microsoft where he worked in roles within Test, Development, Design, and finally as a Team / Project lead. He worked on games such as Gears of War, numerous incubation projects, and was the first designer dedicated strictly to Hololens software development. He also worked for years in the indie space and helped run the intern program for Microsoft Games. He founded and now runs the game development studio House of How, which has studios both in Seattle and Boden with a staff of 20+.

The event is free of charge and we offer breakfast but we need your registration by 14/10. The program starts at 7.30 but we serve breakfast from 7.00.

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