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Another gaming company is established in Boden
14 january 2019, posted by Malin Winsa

Another gaming company is established in Boden

Stockholm-based Glorious Games becomes the third gaming company to establish a satellite studio at Boden Business Park. This means that all students in the first year will stay in the region during the spring internship.

We have previously told about the gaming companies Wanderword and House of How who have chosen to establish internships in Boden. Now, it is clear that a third gaming studio, Glorious Games, starts up here.

- I am very happy that in a short time we got three new gaming studios in place. All three develop games against different markets and platforms and therefore complement each other very well, ”says Mattias Bergqvist at Boden Business Park.

During Monday, Vineeth Yogidas Sethu, executive producer at Glorious Games, visited Sävast to introduce the six students who will do an internship at the company. In practice, students will help the company broaden its game portfolio and create two simple mobile games, known as hyper casual games, which will hopefully capture the interest of female players.

- The internship program involves both lectures and practical tasks that will teach the students all aspects of mobile game development. In the end, our ambition is to hire the students and create a gaming studio in Boden, Vineeth says.

When he himself started in the industry in India in 1999, he had to go the hard way and learn from his mistakes.

"At Glorious Games, we really believe that there must be a practical collaboration between gaming companies and schools in order to close talent and prepare the students for a job," says Vineeth.

Half a year ago, according to Mattias, it would have been realistic to be able to offer a handful of students internships in Boden. This establishment means that all 24 students in the first year will remain in the region during their internship period which lasts until the end of May.

- It is fantastic. Glorious Games had tremendous success during the early 2000s and hopefully our students from Boden can now participate in the creation of their next great success, he says.

It was through the company's chairman, gaming veteran Thomas Lindgren, that Vineeth came into contact with Mattias Bergqvist and Erik Svensson at Boden Business Park.

- We are really impressed by the initiative for game development which started in Boden, both the education and the driving force to build a new industry here. We see that we can help and facilitate this venture and at the same time get hold of good people who want to become part of the industry. The competition for resources in the big cities is really tough so we also break new ground in a less competitive region, says Vineeth.

- It is amazing, because I see the same enthusiasm every time I come here and meet Mattias, Erik and the students. I feel that I have to match their zeal to keep them motivated, and you don't see that everywhere. It is unique to this site and it is very important, he continues.

Glorious Games vision is to create timeless entertainment experiences for women of all ages, a target group that is often forgotten by the industry. The company's flagship Stardoll houses the world's largest fashion community.



Mattias Bergqvist, Business developer Boden Business Park
+46 70 241 55 88

Vineeth Yogidas Sethu, executive producer at Glorious Games
+46 72 518 86 50

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